Advertising Sign Price List

White Pearl/Black Pearl/Red Ruby. (Measurements are approximate.)

LocationSize1 Cart2 Carts3 Carts
Rooftop Front Panel18″h x 36″w$3,960/yr$7,920/yr$11,880/yr
Rooftop Back Panel18″h x 36″w$3,960/yr$7,920/yr$11,880/yr
Rooftop Side Panel18″h x 23″w$2,640/yr$5,280/yr$7,920/yr

Plus, we will post your panel-ad on our website!

Multiple Cart Discounts

Get a 12.5% discount if you advertise on two of our carts. Or get a 25% discount if you advertise on three of our our carts!

Rooftop Front/Back Panel Multiple Cart Discounts

2 carts$7,920
12.5% discount($990)
TOTAL$6,930 – ($3,465 per cart)
3 carts$11,880
25% discount($2,970)
TOTAL$8,910 – ($2,970 per cart)

Side Panel Multiple Cart Discounts

2 carts$5,280
12.5% discount($660)
TOTAL$4,620 – ($2,310 per cart)
3 carts$7,920
25% discount($1,980)
TOTAL$5,940 – ($1,980 per cart)

For more information call us at 941-822-1444 option #2.

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